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The Latest Range of Wireless Remote Controls for Heavy Industrial Applications

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ProGrip is the next generation of FSL Ultrabeam® wireless remote control systems.

Designed to provide an operator complete control over their industrial machinery and to improve efficiency, reliability  productivity in a wide range of industrial applications. The robust housing of the ProGrip remote control is ergonomically designed and has a protection rating of IP 65, making the transmitter optimally protected against moisture, dust and dirt in harsh environments.

Ultrabeam® industrial remote control systems have become the industry standard, proven to be among the most durable remote controls produced, with many units operating in the harshest environments for over 15 years without fail.

Technical Specifications

  • ProGrip 10 & ProGrip 21 – up to 10 & 21 buttons/functions with push button control
  • Ergonomically designed with high impact ABS plastic
  • Equipped with LED indicators
  • 36kHz infrared (IR) frequency (others available on request)
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Standard or rechargeable battery
  • Operating & Storage temperature: -10oC to +50oC
  • Dimensions: ProGrip10 (158 x 74 x 36mm), ProGrip21 (207 x 100 x 37mm)

Infrared Specifications

  • 38kHz IR frequency (other frequencies available)
  • Operational range up to 30m
  • 16 bit CRC error detection
  • PCB conformal coated
  • Simple pairing mode

ProGrip Customisation

  • Custom label design to display functions & customer logo
  • 2 handed control
  • Button combinations
  • Tilt / Accelerometer


  • Coloured Bumper (yellow, green, red, blue, grey)
  • Lanyard loop
  • Belt clip
  • Battery Charger – Cigarette/12v/24v/mains

Receiver Options

  • AC16
  • DC26



Technical Specifications

  • Outputs: 16 x 10A relays
  • Inputs: 8 x 12/24V DC inputs
  • Infrared frequency: 36 kHz (other frequencies available on request)
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Power supply: 12/24V DC or 90-264V AC
  • Operating & storage temperature: -10oC to +50oC
  • Customisation: LED’s for status feedback
  • Accessories: External infrared eye



Technical Specifications

  • Outputs: 16 x 6A relays, 8 x 10A relays
  • Inputs: 8 x 12/24V DC inputs
  • Infrared frequency: 36 kHz (other frequencies available on request)
  • Protection rating: IP65
  • Power supply: 12/24V DC
  • Operating & storage temperature: -10oC to +50oC
  • Customisation: OLED display for status, LED’s for status feedback
  • Accessories: External infrared eye


  • Warehouse Automation

    FSL supply warehouse automation and control solutions to leading providers for mobile racking, robotics, order picking, storage & retrieval, access control – all designed to improve productivity and efficiency within warehouse facilities.

  • Towing & Recovery

    FSL wireless remote control systems provide a reliable solution to towing & recovery truck operators for winching, hoisting, crane and handling. Wireless remote allow the operator to situate themselves in the safest position to...

  • Maritime

    Rugged remote control solutions for the harsh conditions of the Maritime environment. Each system can be designed and built to withstand temperature sways, rain & snow & to operate flawlessly without fail.

  • Locomotive

    FSL locomotive remote control systems are designed to the exact requirements of customers within this industry. Suitable for increasing safety in controlling, moving and unloading rail cars. Our systems are designed to control virtually...

  • Construction

    FSL develop remote control systems to operate practically every type of machinery and equipment in the construction industry such as concrete pumps, tower cranes, excavators, paving, mixing & drilling machines.

  • Forestry & Agriculture

    Leading edge remote control technology creating a safer & productive forestry and agricultural working environments. FSL have designed and manufactured systems for a range of machinery including grapplers, chippers, skidders, mulchers and more.

  • Industrial Lifting

    FSL offer safe and reliable wireless remote control systems for almost all ranges of industrial lifting machines including overhead cranes, hoists, and gantry cranes. Consistently providing safe, mobile & efficient operations from up to...

  • Bulk Materials Handling

    Safer, smarter and efficient wireless remote controls offer the most robust solutions with all the best features for bulk materials handling machinery such as conveyors, screening, crushing, tipping grids, loaders, stackers and smelting.

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