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FSL in Partnership with Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Posted On: 17 May 2024

Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Led by Ulster University, the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub (SMDH) is a UK government-funded initiative aimed at bolstering the productivity and competitiveness of UK manufacturing SMEs. With a £50 million investment, the SMDH focuses on awarding Lighthouse Projects to eligible companies, with the objective of providing a transformative boost to their operations. These projects are strategically designed to facilitate the transition from traditional manufacturing methods to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions, ultimately enabling SMEs to embark on a smart manufacturing journey, reducing investment risks, and fostering growth.

At the core of the SMDH initiative is the promotion of access to key enabling Industry 4.0 technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through a series of Lighthouse and Digital Innovation Factory (DIF) projects, the SMDH aims to revolutionize UK manufacturing by harnessing the power of data and innovation. The hub provides digital tools, innovations, and skills to accelerate companies’ digitization efforts. With a team of specialist technology experts, the SMDH offers personalized advice and support, empowering SMEs to make everyday improvements to their businesses and thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing.

FSL Electronics Lighthouse Project

We are thrilled to announce that our commitment to innovation and excellence in the UK manufacturing industry has been recognised with the award of the prestigious Lighthouse funding from Made Smarter Innovation – Smart Manufacturing Data Hubs Innovation Fund. This funding will enable FSL to supply the newly developed Multi-Sense Sensors to UK manufacturing SMEs, funded by the SMDH Project.

This remarkable opportunity will empower businesses with intelligent monitoring solutions for their facilities, facilitating a reduction in carbon footprints, an increase in productivity, and initiating their path towards achieving Net-Zero objectives.

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