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Increasing operator safety at Megalift with the Joystick Remote Control (Video)

Posted On: 9 October 2018

Megalift manufacture bespoke container handling equipment for large transport companies on a global basis. The Megalift being built on a trailer makes our equipment transportable and therefore ideal for delivering heavy loads to remote areas such as building sites etc. Safety is Megalift’s No.1 priority and In order to keep the operator at a safe working distance  it was decided all hydraulic functions should be controlled from a remote control hand set.’

‘For the remote control, Megalift decided to partner with FSL Electronics based in Cookstown. When we approached FSL to manufacture our system we felt that they had a professional and simplistic approach to our demands. FSL certainly have great knowledge in their field which gave us the confidence we needed not just as a supplier but also in terms of ongoing support and service which has been outstanding both in national and international markets. The FSL product a robust simplistic design which serves our Megalift equipment well.’

Meredith Hall – Managing Director at Megalift


Check out the short videos of the FSL Joystick Controller in action at Megalift here: