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Why i-Spi?!

Posted On: 10 October 2017

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i-Spi is fast becoming one of FSL’s most popular products, with consumers and businesses alike recognising the need for GPS tracking in vehicles for both asset protection and employee safety.

In the latest results, an Interpol poll (View The Poll Here!) found that there were over 7.2 million searches for vehicles on their database alone in 2016. With this trend set to continue over the coming years, customers are reacting by implementing i-Spi systems in their fleet of vehicles (what ever size that may be).

i-Spi systems allow you, your family, and your firm to monitor the movement of vehicles (Speed and Location), and to perform actions such as cut fuel supply to the engine in the event of a robbery. Through these methods, you will be able to assist law enforcement with theft investigations.

Through other features such as live tracking, you will be able to calculate mileage costs, monitor driver activity, and calculate distribution costs more effectively as a result. The i-Spi can play a significant part in improving the productivity and efficiency within your organisation, saving you money far beyond the initial small capital cost.

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