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Build Your Own Progrip Remote Control

Design your very own ProGrip Remote Control, tailored precisely for your needs, streamline your production processes!

A well designed remote control may be the efficiency difference between profits and losses. Why not give it our configurator a try, it’s FREE after all!

Check out some product details below:

ProGrip is the next generation of FSL Ultrabeam® wireless remote control systems.

Designed to provide an operator complete control over their industrial machinery and to improve efficiency, reliability productivity in a wide range of industrial applications. The robust housing of the ProGrip remote control is ergonomically designed and has a protection rating of IP 65, making the transmitter optimally protected against moisture, dust and dirt in harsh environments.

Ultrabeam® Radio systems have become the industry standard, proven to be among the most durable remote controls produced, with many units operating in the harshest environments for over 15 years without fail.