GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Vehicle GPS tracker devices are used by individuals and companies all over the world

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FSL vehicle & asset tracking devices are designed with a number of unique & innovative features that take tracking devices to new levels for security and safety.

i-Spi GPS tracking devices enables 24/7 monitoring of your vehicles & assets providing you with peace of mind.

i-Spi is designed for the protection of vehicles & assets with GSM network and GPS technology. Users can track the position of vehicles or assets using either SMS messaging or live map tracking. Real-time tracking offers live information on location, speed and mileage.

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Private vehicles, Hire vehicles, Tractors, Quads, Rental equipment, Truck management, Asset management, Trailers, Farming Machinery, Company vehicle monitoring, Family vehicle monitoring and other tracking and security applications.

Options Available

  • Live Tracking & reporting
  • Engine Cut Off
  • Live SMS Alerts & Geo-fencing
  • Device & Vehicle management
  • Multiple user capability
  • Wireless Tracking devices
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